20 thoughts on “England Vs Australia – record breaking 3rd test – 2016 Rugby

  1. M.T.G

    Poor Aussies. Have some of the best players in the world but just can't keep them in the National squad. $$$

  2. Kirk St Moritz

    Only 2 Wins behind Australia in Head to Heads now & surely a chance to switch it in the next few years if England keep their form!, 25 behind the All Blacks but everyone one else has a losing Head to Head against them as well!, I wonder if England can eat into the 10 Wins behind South Africa!, The one Loss v Presidents XV is unlikely to change though!.

  3. Michael Plumpton

    Went through Sydney and Melbourne a couple of months after this with an England shirt on,daggers getting thrown from all sides

  4. Mike Lowry

    I feel like everyone ignores the fact that England have more than 10 times as many rugby players than Australia. The only impressive thing about this is that England are far worse than they should be.

  5. maynard

    watching English win a rugby match turns my stomach and makes me sick! fucking faggots!

  6. Toby Wynn

    What is it with Haylett-petty and checking people late? He did it in the Autumn internationals too

  7. Noggsy Joggsy

    Bloody hell must be the worst Ozzie side ever to get whitewashed by an above average england side

  8. monstermash inc

    Trying to find the full match of this epic game but can't find it. Can someone upload it to YouTube please?

  9. Zulu Panda Fireball 14

    You just can't count on Ford to tackle. It seems that he doesn't want much shoulder contact, mostly arm grabbing and going around chest area.

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