20 thoughts on “England Rugby Team Train With Georgian Team At Latymer Upper School

  1. 0westdude

    Smart getting the Georgians in to practice scrums considering they have the best scum in the world

  2. Kirk St Moritz

    The 6 Nations & 5 Nations as it was is Brilliant in it's own right but there is something mouthwatering about the prospect of expanding it!, This is My Humble Opinion on it, You have a 2nd Tier with top team Promoted and Wooden Spoon/Bottom Team in the 6 Nations relegated into that!, Imagine a 2nd Tier League with Georgia, USA, Canada, Japan!, Wow!, Exciting Thought!. You could put Romania & Netherlands in to make it a 2nd Tier 6 Nations!.

  3. George White

    i see they are trying to improve georgia for us welsh in the rugby world cup so we don't go through wooowwwww


    hahaha back in my rugby days (late 70's) our little comprehensive school beat latter Upper in the Middlesex school cup finals two years in a row????

  5. James Cuthbertson

    Keep six nations, whoever’s wooden spoon has to sit the next year out and whoever has just missed a year is back in. Lots more excitement at both ends of the table.

  6. Chris M

    As a big England fan and equally big England critic, the England scrum not getting whipped. Nobody can deny the shear power of the georgian scrum, but from the multiple shots we have seen there the georgian scrum has gone early loosehead side has collapsed also, and been penalised from what we can see. A test match is a different kettle of fish and requries a stable scrum and wouldnt be allowed to proceed without this.The one stable scrum we have seen at about 3mins30, england look extremely strong and Mako puts in the work.
    Either way great to see and cannot question Georgias power and eagerness!

  7. no9scrum

    i'd quite happily replace Italy in the 6 nations with Georgia, in 18 tournaments they've come dead last 12 times

  8. Robert Cash


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