20 thoughts on “Eddie Jones speaks after England 15-24 Ireland | NatWest 6 Nations

  1. squid and weazy

    England why did yee have the score line extended by couple of meters that fucked yee up a bit

  2. maxtudor

    Penfold is going to need Danger Mouse to help him keep his job. What a gobby little prick, running his mouth and giving abuse into a mic and then starts whining that he can't get the train cause he is getting abuse, I wonder why. Such an obvious bit of PR at the end too, he is raging 😀

  3. Martin McCann

    Not so smart now Eddie after the scummy Irish shoved a shamrock up your bangle on St Patrick's Day and at Twickenham!!! ????????????????????????

  4. Kevin Tablet

    This man should resign. He’s shite

    Absolute dogshite. That’s all I can say about him. Calls us scummy Irish in an attempt to wind us up, leading the entire Irish squad to kick the shite out of him

    All the English fans should not head to any future rugby game till he goes and you get a better squad then the bunch of retards you have. Your squad is a ball of shite.

  5. Seven Sevens

    This is Eddie. He called the Irish 'scummy and Wales little shits.'
    Eddie came fifth, don't be lik Eddie ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. Caro S Henriques.de-Granada

    now your putting a spin on the game
    one of the worse games I have ever seen
    what happen to the running rugby did you leave it in Japan

  7. Darragh McNulty

    As we say down under he’s a blister…turns up after the work is done!!! He’s the Scumbag full of it!

  8. Exoduco

    Why is he saying our players stuck at it and played well lol, money exchanged hands or something? The players had no grit or passion in any part of the game in till the last 5 mins again when they had already lost. Full credit to Ireland though thoroughly deserved the grand slam.

  9. Crusader #Raider

    I get more enjoyment watching Eddie and England eat humble pie, than what I do from watching the AB"s win. Congrats Ireland, If my AB's don't win the RWC, I hope Ireland do. Can't wait till November for the AB's v Ireland.

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