20 thoughts on “England Rugby Top 10 Tries

  1. Ben Walker

    It's really annoying how the different clips are so varied in volume but other than that it is a good selection of tries

  2. Mr .Rodriguez

    I love the last comment on the video, "bring on the RWC 2015" LOL, sure, bring it on , hahahahaha. Good humble pie to eat for the english the RWC 2015, was it not?

  3. ki

    You English are so dread in a rugby match. I hate play against England, but I always follow your matchs x) from a french rugby fan

  4. Coner Towle

    Sometimes forget how brilliant Simpson Daniel was. Could of gone down as one of the best wingers of all time should injury not have plagues him

  5. Peace for All

    Top video!!
    Two suggestions
    -change the odd background music?
    -add Manu smashing it's up the middle against the all Blacks (though yeah it's a tricky decision deciding which other great try to omit!)

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