20 thoughts on “Extended Highlights: Italy v England | NatWest 6 Nations

  1. Stephen Reeds

    Can't eng complain to World Rugby about Italian 2nd try. I was there I don't think it was a try. Or is it only Welsh who are allowed. The whole thing is pathetic. Refs fatally undermined. It'll all kick off now. Wait and see. All because they lost.

  2. Stephen Paul

    It's a score you would have expected at Twickenham. More evidence that Italy just aren't making it. We need a second division in the 6 nations to bring up the overall standards.

  3. b whit

    hahahah the ABs are gonna munch those pommy bones and make some rewana bread haha.

  4. lot james

    Talk about highlights going on longer than they needed to. Melbourne Storm would put 50 points on that English outfit.

  5. James Bennett-Mcnulty

    Italy held back England for a while. It looked like it was gonna be a much more balanced score. Until of course, England broke the leash

  6. James Bennett-Mcnulty

    Eddie is a legend. Well done Italy for holding on as long as they did. England in the first 70 mins arent nearly as good as they are in the last 10. England finished Italy but Italy's attacking line was far better than it was in previous years. Fair play to both teams. Good luck to England vs Wales too

  7. Privileged White Male

    It's time to say well done Italy. Your attacking phases were pleasant to watch despite the fouls, and some forward passes, I think you can beat France this year (as we are hoplessly shit). And England, well they have that self-control thing that make them unbeatable. Very good game from both teams.

  8. Peter186

    Actually not a bad game, Italy held out until the English "Finishers" began to make their weight felt, and for once it wasn't because England were playing poorly.

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